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About the classroom


Painting is like architecture. Shape, color, brightness, composition, touch, etc. are different technologies, and each has various techniques and ideas. The architectural process of organizing a number of different techniques in order and assembling them in an orderly manner is the real pleasure of painting, but on the other hand, it tends to be a high wall when painting for the first time.

Atelier Elite offers lessons to study these elements one by one in a task format. From those who are trying to draw a picture in earnest for the first time to those who are going to face art again, we will proceed with the curriculum while asking each goal. The name "Elite" in our classroom means "accept" and "accept" in French, but we want to share with you the fun of learning about painting techniques and ideas. I put my thoughts into it. We hope that you will enjoy art while experiencing various expression techniques and ideas in the history of art (of works that sometimes do not appear in textbooks), as well as the basic techniques for drawing pictures.

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